Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lee Fields & The Expressions - "Make The World"

Lee Fields points to this pair of dreams, and the hope it gave him, as the inspiration for “Make the World,” the fiery sing-along anthem off his last album, 2016’s Special Night. Today, Paste is excited to be premiering the video for the track, which sees Lee and his band hit the streets of New York amid an anti-Trump protest, and bringing a little levity and high-spirited soulfulness to the proceedings.

“People are sort of anxious nowadays with all of the stuff that they hear on the news. ‘Make the World’ is giving people a positive outlook on things,” Fields said. “I mean we can make it better if we come together. That’s the answer. Love is the answer. We can remedy everything that’s going negative in the world right now with true compassion for each other. So I think it’s the perfect time to give this song to the world.”

“I’m a very optimistic person,” he continued. “I believe we’ll be here. I believe the world we’re in will be here in a very positive fashion, but I think what we do now for the future generations, for our progeny, everyone just has to do their part in making it better. We have to put that as the number one issue; not only concerned with our time here on Earth, but the future’s. We have to be a little less selfish.”

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