Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Best New Words

(noun): a state of mind carrying a degree of similarity to mindfuck; when one is so incredibly overwhelmed by positive emotion and/or refusal to believe in the concurrent situation that the only words traversing both their brain and mouth are 'wow' and 'fuck'.

He was unable to speak for the sheer amount of wowfuck clouding his brain as he found her in his arms. 
 by D√©licateDevotchka January 02, 2016

It means that you are going to go over to your partners house and fuck with Netflix in the background.

"Yeah we just watched Netflix and chilled."
"Damn nigga how deep?"
"Four knuckles deep"
by Octopimpslap August 10, 2015

A play on the standard hookup phrase "Netflix and chill," this update is for those looking to binge watch tv shows with another person while in a relationship.

Person A: hey, you wanna Netflix and chill?
Person B: I think we might be ready for Hulu and commitment ;)
by Jazzyfizzle November 02, 2015

Like Netflix and chill but with butt stuff. 

Girl: Netflix and chill?
Guy: No
Girl: Amazon and anal?
by bugom December 08, 2015

A person who is a weak ass pussy that ain't bout shit. 

look at that weak ass fuck boy.
by bretb December 29, 2004

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