Monday, April 20, 2015


Boulder Weekly:
The Boulder campus was open Monday on April 20 for the first time in three years, and more than 125,000 people attended the Cup and other 4/20 events. Denver police issued 160 potrelated tickets over the weekend, mostly for public-consumption violations.

But perhaps the most positive sign of change came on Sunday night, when @ DenverPolice tweeted this message about the coming 4/20 celebration: “We see you rollin, but we ain’t hatin’ HAHA… Seriously though, #Denver, please remember to #ConsumeResponsibly this 4/20 weekend.”

We talked a bit about the growing acceptance and continued stigma of marijuana today. “There are now a majority of people in the United States who support marijuana legalization,” said Keith Stroup, the founder of NORML. “But many of them have a bad opinion of pot smokers themselves. I couldn’t believe the large numbers of people who have a negative impression of people like us.”

I thought about that the rest of the time I was at the Cannabis Cup, which in itself encapsulates the dichotomy of the marijuana movement in loud, bright colors and bold strokes. Tens of thousands of attendees of every age, stripe and color, almost every one of them smoking joints or vaping, strolled past hundreds of display booths for products and services like Bong Beauties, Magical Butter Bus, Dope Ass Glass, Rare Dankness, Scapegoat Genetics, Gorilla Extracts, Super Smacked, Freakies Smokeshop, Vape Genies, Med Max Nutrients, Ganja Gold, Smoked Out Clothing, Weed Wipes, Fryed and Dyed and Get Shnockered. There were booths of growers, investors, CO2 extractors, herbalists, arborists, mechanical trimmers, plant systems, branding companies, bakers, health products, ointments, lotions, salves, cleaning products, genetics, clothing, social media sites, magazines, even a company offering canine protection.

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