Saturday, March 7, 2015

Delta Spirit - "Language of the Dead"

Delta Spirit is an American indie rock band from San Diego/Long Beach/Orange County, California, United States. After relocating to Brooklyn, NY in 2012, the band is now spread across Brooklyn (Winrich & Mclaren), Austin (Vasquez), and Los Angeles (Jameson & Young). Delta Spirit is most known for their intense live performances, their congregational song writing, and their driving rhythms. The band released their fourth album, Into the Wide, on 9 September 2014. It is the group's highest charting album in the United States to date.

Frontman Matt Vasquez pulls triple duty as he also directed and wrote the video, which features Agamemnon, Robert E. Lee and Leo Tolstoy, all played by various band members, teaming up in order to vanquish a terrifying space monster, played by Vasquez’s own cat. There are also spaceship, planets, black holes and a whole lot of green screen.

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