Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Bekoso, Bekiso, Bekaso"

Chicago Tribune:
A Jewish friend -- former rabbinical student, actually -- recently introduced me to a catchy and true Hebrew expression from the Talmud [Eiruvin 65b] that goes something like this:
Bekoso, bekiso, bekaso

Sometimes the order of the three words is different and the spelling can vary depending on who's doing the transliteration, but this is certainly close enough for blog work.

It is a list of the major areas in which a person's character is tested and revealed.
Bekoso -- (b'KOH-soh) by his cup, or metaphorically, how he or she behaves when drunk.

Bekiso -- (b'KEE-soh) by his pocket, or metaphorically, how he or she manages money.

Bekaso -- (b'KAH-soh) by his temper; how he or she acts when angry.

As the adage goes “nichnas yayin yatza sod.” (Wine goes in and secrets come out.)

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