Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Head and the Heart - "Let's Be Still"

Seattle indie-folksters The Head And The Heart have just released a quirky new music video for “Let’s Be Still,” the title track off their most recent LP. The idea for the video was conceived by band member Jonathan Russell with Jon Jon Agustavo directing, and the result is a fantastical blend of Mary Poppins and Moonrise Kingdom. There are antiquated outfits, colorful kaleidoscopes, silly running and lots and lots of hot air balloons.

Russell had this to say about completing the project: “We are really excited to see this video finally come to light after many months of dedicated work by all involved. Jon Jon and his crew were top notch and it was an unforgettable experience watching and participating in the process step by step.”

Let’s Be Still is out now via SubPop.

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