Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Broken Bells - "After the Disco"

Broken Bells have just released a new music video for “After The Disco,” the title track off their most recent LP. Directed by Nelson De Castro, the clip takes “After The Disco” quite literally, featuring band members James Mercer and Danger Mouse trying to make their way home from a party. Mercer cries out “round and round still we go nowhere” as they wander through a series of revolving, repeating rooms with frozen-in-place crowds, and he’s right—the video ends where it starts, with the party still going strong.

Recorded with the seventeen-piece Angel City String Orchestra and a four-piece choir, the album was released by Columbia Records on January 31, 2014. The album follows the band's 2013 single, "Holding On for Life", which features as the third track on the album. After the Disco was written by band members James Mercer and Brian Burton, and produced by Burton.

The album itself was released on January 31, 2014, peaking at number 5 in the Billboard 200.

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