Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Parks and Recreation Will End After Seventh Season

As has been speculated for the past few weeks, the forthcoming seventh season of Parks and Recreation will be its last. NBC confirmed the news yesterday when it announced its 2014-15 schedule.

There is currently no slot in that schedule for Parks and Recreation, as the show has been held back until midseason. The move should hopefully give the show an uninterrupted final run, unlike its sixth campaign, which was fractured throughout.

Parks and Recreation premiered in April 2009 as a mostly hollow clone of The Office. In the next five seasons, the show would blossom to be one of the most consistent, and critically lauded shows on network television. Hints of the series winding down were evident this year with the departure of stars Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe, and the surprising time jump in the season finale. Now that the news is official, it’s time for Parks fans everywhere to prepare. Season seven will be the final time we see Ron, Tom, Donna, Jerry (Gary, Larry, Terry), Andy & April, Ben & Leslie and all the wonderful kooks of Pawnee we’ve come to love.

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