Monday, April 28, 2014

Mapei - "Don't Wait" (2013)

The 29-year-old premiered the song in early October via Downtown Records, and it quickly caught the attention and love of the internet, taking the top spot at Hype Machine for weeks. A lot of what makes “Don’t Wait” really appealing is how rich and varied the global influences are — which makes sense, given the singer’s background. Born to a Liberian mother and an American father, Mapei moved to Sweden with her mother when she was 10, and later spent time in Brazil, Tunisia, and Portugal. These influences all come through in her music, as do the club sounds of Sweden, where she got her start in the underground hip-hop scene. Her first EP, 2009’s The Cocoa Butter Diaries, showcased her as a rapper, but now Mapei’s gotten over her fear of singing to really communicate what’s in her heart. And luckily, it works really well.

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