Saturday, December 14, 2013

Noah Gundersen - "Ledges" (2013)

Singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen has been recording for over a decade, which is kind of a misleading first sentence considering he’s just 24. Since first recording tunes straight to tape at age 13, he’s come a long way: Gundersen’s latest collection of songs, the full-length Ledges, has been announced for release early next year.

“This is the first record where I finally got to a comfortable place in the studio,” said Gundersen. “It’s not overly produced. We left a lot of the mistakes in.”

Ledges was recorded in Seattle, Wash. in the studio of Pearl Jam guitarist’s Stone Gossard and was produced by Gundersen himself.

“Writing ‘Ledges’ was a purifying process for me,” he said of the song. “In three verses, I was able to sum up exactly where I was in life, with no real answer, but a declaration of hope and uncertainty.”

Ledges is set for release on Feb. 11.

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