Monday, October 7, 2013

Gravity Sets October Opening Weekend Record

"As we recall from bitter memory, the Hubble and the space station are in vastly different orbits," Dennis Overbye wrote. "Getting from one to the other requires so much energy that not even space shuttles had enough fuel to do it. The telescope is 353 miles high, in an orbit that keeps it near the Equator; the space station is about 100 miles lower, in an orbit that takes it far north, over Russia."

Movie Pilot:
Alfonso CuarĂ³n‘s space thriller Gravity has blasted off into the record books with it’s opening weekend, taking in over $55.6 million from 3,575 domestic theaters. This means Gravity is now the highest opening ever for the month of October, overtaking the previous record holder, Paranormal Activity 3, by $3 million.

That’s not the only record Gravity has smashed. Surprisingly, the movie is also the biggest opening ever for both of its principle stars. Sandra Bullock's previous best was recent release The Heat, which took $39.1 million on its opening weekend, while George Clooney's previous best opener was Batman & Robin with $42.9 million. (Yep, you read that right).

Internationally, Gravity also performed well, taking in $27.4 million and pushing its global total to $83 million. When you consider Gravity was made on a relatively low budget of $100 million, Warner Bros are no doubt rubbing their hands together in anticipation at the near certainty of making a healthy profit.

Gravity has also been a stellar showcase of what can be achieved with 3D and IMAX technology, and for the most part, audiences seemed receptive to paying a bit extra for the whole experience. 80% of domestic sales were from 3D screenings, while just around one fifth came from IMAX screenings. This result means Gravity also broke IMAX’s previous October record of $10 million.

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