Monday, September 9, 2013

Skream w/ Sam Frank - "Rollercoaster" (2013)

Skream (born Oliver Dene Jones, 1 June 1986) is a British electronic record producer based in Croydon. One of dubstep's most prominent producers, he has played an important role in the genre's development. His debut album Skream! was released in 2006, and was followed up by Outside the Box in 2010.

Skream began producing music at the age of 15 (using FruityLoops) and claims to now have roughly 800 songs in varying stages of development, including a number of early disco and funk-inspired records. Jones would regularly 'bunk' school and spend the day at Big Apple Records through his teenage years. On various occasions he would also go to FWD, an "underground-sound" club night which was originally held in the Velvet Rooms but later moved to Plastic People in Shoreditch.

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