Monday, September 20, 2010

Redskins vs. Texans

FedEx Field
September 19, 2010
Donovan McNabb threw for 426 yards last night, 1 touchdown, 0 picks, and completed 28 of 38 passes for a 73.7 percentage in a game where Washington lead through three quarters. Numbers alone won’t tell the tale, but it looks like McNabb is getting comfortable in burgundy and gold. He spread the ball out to 8 different receivers, improving on “The Moss and Cooley Show” from week 1, and had long passes of 62, 62, 35, and 34 yards. He is who we thought he was, but Donovan can’t do it by himself. The running game, despite Portis’ two goal-line scores -- which is also a marked improvement -- looked horrific. Portis’ 33 yards and 2.5 average a carry is not what I remember from Mike Shanahan’s running backs.

On defense we’re looking at a completely different sack of potatoes. At times they look ferocious, at times they look feeble. Andre Johnson caught 12 balls for 158 yards and a score. Kevin Walter, Houston’s No. 2 guy, caught 11 balls for 144 and a score. A week earlier, Miles Austin caught 10 balls for 146 and a score. Perhaps a healthy Kareem Moore improves our secondary, but a secondary that’s allowed 745 passing yards through two games needs more than a player fix. I’m not on the field, but it looked like Haslett called a solid game. Players need to execute, know their assignments, and communicate better, all things that take time.

Worst Dagger: Less than four minutes left, third-and-long, and Joey Galloway breaks free deep. McNabb's bomb was a bit too deep, and Galloway didn't seem to get a great look at it, and everything fell down incomplete in the end zone.

Through two weeks, the Redskins have won the first-half scoring battle, 30-7, and lost the second-half-and-overtime scoring battle, 30-10.

Best Block: Clinton Portis, obviously. When he crushed Eugene Wilson 50 yards downfield during 62-yard pass to Fred Davis late in the second quarter, Wilson flew backwards and Portis went flying up the field, pumping his knees up in the air in celebration. That was far more celebrating than he did after either of his touchdown runs. Portis's mouth might cause 43 public-relations debacles a season, but I don't think you've ever read a story questioning his effort on Sundays.

Worst Block: Bernard Pollard blocked a 29-yard field goal attempt that would have just about finished off the game midway through the fourth quarter. Those three points might have come in handy a bit later. Last week, the Redskins didn't even attempt a crucial 23-yarder after a poor snap, and almost wound up losing by a point. Failing to convert field goals of less than 30 yards is not often a great long-term strategy.

Best Mike Shanahan Quote: "When you lose, you lose."

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