Thursday, August 26, 2010

World Outdoor High Dive Record (Video)

Dana Kunze (born in 1961) is an eight-time world champion high-diver and seven-time world record holder for the highest dive. In 1983, he set the World Outdoor High Dive record at 172 feet (52.4 m) at Sea World in California.

Check out his dive, and listen for his shout-out to Virginia Tech.

Four years later in 1987, Swiss bro Oliver Favre set the current World Outdoor High Dive record at 177 feet (53.9 m) in France. He also set the current World Indoor High Dive record at 110 feet (33.52 m) in 1997.

But supposedly Kunze (now 49 years old) wants another shot at the record, because last year his website announced that he is training to break the record again. He would perform his patented Reverse Triple Somersault (Triple Gainer) from 180 feet. The date and site have yet to be disclosed, but they say the show would be aired live on national TV.

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