Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Japanese Spider-Man (Video)

I think we should feel special that American Spider-Man is actually...good.
Here you'll find three examples of just how lame this show gets.

1. Episode 19
Check out the fight scene starting at 8:10, but be warned. Japanese Spider-Man is limited to getting tossed around and using drunken slapping attacks.

2. Episode 20
Start at around 13:44 for the pitiful monster battle and you'll catch the monster say "Fly to the end of the sky!" Oh, and the end of every episode turns into a Power Rangers Megazord battle.

3. Episode 26
Ok, 15:00 is pretty sweet because somehow he takes out three guys at once with his "webbing". But start at 20:30 to see some ridiculous special effects and Japanese Spider-Man battle "Machine Bem Volcano Beast".

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