Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is Dan Snyder Going To Sue YOU?

After news of his father's legal battles with the Redskins broke Wednesday, Kiante Webb's telephone never stopped ringing.

A Washington Post headline alleged the team sued dozens of its fans for backing out of multi-year season ticket contracts. Webb's father, Alonzo Webb, was one of those fans.

"That's the real shocking part," he said. "The Redskins sue my father. What? A fan? That's like the Redskins sue my best friend. I've never heard of it."

"It starts with the ownership. It starts on top," said Webb. "And that's not a good look."

His father's story began in 2004 with a six-year contract for club seats in FedEx Field. In 2008, he fell on hardship and asked for the relief he says the Redskins initially promised him. Instead he was sued along with a couple more dozen season ticket holders.

"I think he's fed up with the Redskins organization now," said the son. "They're watching Raven games and getting Raven tickets."

When the Washington Post broke the news story, the Redskins responded with an acknowledgment that roughly 20 to 30 lawsuits were filed. According to a press release on its website, legal action was taken to enforce the long-term contracts of ticket holders who defaulted on their obligations.

"For every lawsuit the team has filed, it has worked out payment plans or renegotiated contracts with dozens of other suite and club seat holders," wrote a team spokesperson.

The Redskins also responded that the no general admission ticket holders were ever sued. Those fans account for nearly 70,000 of the 91,000 seats at FedEx Field.

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