Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hokies Earn More Than Wahoos


The survey is done and the results are in: If you want to make bank as a recent grad, Virginia Tech is the place to go.

A recent survey posted on found that the median income for recent graduates of Virginia Tech is $52,900 per year. That is $700 more than its closest competitor, the University of Virginia. That’s right, Cavaliers: The Hokies got you beat.

Dartmouth College was No. 1 on the list.

Tech was No. 72.

Tech also inched out UVA with the median salary mid-career as well, with $97,400 to UVA’s $97,200. But nobody in the region seems to make as much mid-career as the grads of Washington & Lee, whose mid-career salaries land a median of $104,000 annually.

The number of people surveyed is unclear, but it has a heavy margin of error for the Ivy League and small liberal arts schools such as the University of Richmond. For those institutions, the margin of error is 10 percent. The whole survey has a margin of 5 percent.

University of Richmond grads fare a little better than their rival William & Mary after graduation: UR grads are making $48,900 to W&M grads’ $46,900, although W&M grads seem to make more mid-career.

Both schools just manage to edge out VCU grads, who make a median of $42,000 annually after graduating.

See the rest of the schools in the region in order of highest to lowest starting salary.

Virginia Tech
Starting: $52,900
Mid-Career: $97,400

University of Virginia
Starting: $52,200
Mid-Career: $97,200

Washington and Lee
Starting: $51,800
Mid-Career: $104,000

George Mason University
Starting: $49,300
Mid-Career: $85,700

University of Richmond
Starting: $48,900
Mid-Career: $88,700

The College of William and Mary
Starting: $46,900
Mid-Career: $89,300

Hampton University
Starting: $45,300
Mid Career: $75,800

James Madison University
Starting: $47,300
Mid-Career: $77,100

Old Dominion University
Starting: $42,700
Mid-Career: $76,700

Virginia Commonwealth University
Starting: $42,300
Mid-Career: $70,100

Randolph-Macon College
Starting: $42,100
Mid-Career: $82,600

Liberty University
Starting: $39,700
Mid-Career: $76,900

Norfolk State University
Starting: $38,100
Mid-Career: $63,800

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