Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My UrbanDictionary To Do List

from UrbanDictionary.com:

Threeway Freeway
To want to participate in sex with two partners, in addition to yourself (known as a threeway or menage a trois).

Julie wants to take a ride on the threeway freeway tonight, so the two of us are going to hook up with her friend Jill, who is bi.

Someone who is absolutely obsessed with hot asian chicks who have awesome rockin' tits. The act of sleeping with an Asian chick who has awesome rockin' tits is called Ragnarding.

"That guy's an asshole."
"Yea, and a Ragnard."

Ann Coulter
1. Someone I would pay a lot of money to see Mr T donkey punch.
2. The craziest bitch on the planet.

"I pity the fool who writes this bullshit!"

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