Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth Of July

While my night wasn't "as big as the Texas sky" or "as wild as a rattlesnake", I did manage to escape another Independence Day without my fingers being lit on fire. The day started with fishing on Lake Brittle, which lasted maybe 20 minutes because it starting storming on Alex, Arthur, and me. Since we were trapped in the car under a downpour, we went to see Wall-E, which I can't really remember. At about 9pm I went to see the Manassas fireworks with my girl, only to be rained on again before the finale. At 10 we went to Cmo's friend's farm, downed my bottle of AlbariƱo and a little schnapps, watched some Jackass the Movie, took a dip in the pool, and lit off my fireworks from Tennessee in the street. The highlight for me was lighting both of my Texas Rattlesnakes at the same time - and probably waking up the neighborhood at around 3am.

And since I always plan ahead, remember to add these to the repertoire for 2009:
Red, White & Blue Salute (24 shots, $30)
Pyrosplash (16 shots, $30, gold willow bursts, alternating color tips)
Purple Haze (16 shots, $15, loud crackling purple starbursts)
Pure Party (19 shots, $30, gold spider palms, strobes, stars)
Red Hot & Blue (16 shots, $25, crackling stars, faster and faster)
Funky Fantasy (16 shots, $15, loud bursts of green and gold)
Magical Barrage (100 shots)
Break Out (only $7)

On the night of July 5th, we lit off a lot of Kpax's extra fireworks, mostly in my street after seeing a cop pull up to the Stonewall field we started on. Good thing we had just laid some smoke bombs before we ran back to our cars.

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