Monday, June 2, 2008

Right On(Line) #1

Links for you. Yes you. This is the first. Oh and don't worry, the reason you feel butterflies is just your excitement. Unless you also have chest pain. Then you are having a heart attack, and probably should seek immediate medical attention.

News: Burma Cyclone Aid Report
Avaaz Members from 124 Countries Donate $2,000,000 to the Burmese People

Cool: Six Degrees of Wikipedia
Please resist the urge to see how many clicks away "penis" and "vagina" are. I couldn't.

Game: How Well Do You Know Your World?
I gotta admit, this shit gets pretty tough. Even for you cocky geography majors. Bastards.

Comic: Achewood
Chris Onstad is a genius. Click if you are over 18, or better yet 21. Sometimes there's alcohol.

Music: The Hype Machine
They follow tons of music blogs around the world and you get to listen

Video: Human Giant
An interview goes horribly wrong, but still has a happy ending.

Aight that's all I feel like putting up right now. But now you know what I've been checking out lately. I hope at least one tickled your fancy. Wow that saying sounds gay. Anyway look for the second edition sometime soon. I am unemployed after all.

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