Monday, June 9, 2008

Right On(Line) #2

First I looked at the title "Stuff Guys Like." Then I scrolled down a little and saw a sideboob. They were correct.

Images of the Day, stuff from exploration missions, Hubble, Kennedy Space Center, etc.

Cash Cab trivia, Man vs. Wild, climb Mt. Everest!? Yeeeeeeahhh boiiiii!

A user-submitted collection of great wine/food recommendations.

Randomly generate your own slogans with their slogan generator, which generates slogans.

Music: Weezer's music video for "Pork and Beans", new single from The Red Album out now. Basically their label Geffen was like "C'mon guys, give us more commercial material." So they did, because they rock. Written by Rivers Cuomo.

And a little extra news thanks to Wikipedia:
The band appears to be in a highly productive mood, as, in a cover story of the June 2008 issue of Spin Magazine, it was revealed that a tentative date of November 2009 was set for another new Weezer album, their seventh, and the album will be produced by Jacknife Lee. This would mark the second time in Weezer's career that they released an album one year after the other (The Green Album in 2001, followed by Maladroit in 2002). It deserves to be noted, however, that following the release of Maladroit, the band pushed to release another album that same year. While this request was eventually granted by their label, Make Believe did not come to fruition until three years later.

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